Swing & Dixie

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Swing & Dixie HR2275

Big band and Dixieland instrumentations for sports, dance, entertainment.

Happy Records HR2275

  • 001ReisejournalMain2:27
  • 002Swinging ArlesienneMain2:29
  • 003Manhattan 52nd StreetMain2:29
  • 004Walking On BroadwayMain2:36
  • 005Swinging BarcaroleMain2:14
  • 006Take A Walk With NancyMain2:11
  • 007Blow The CupMain2:18
  • 008Flirting TrombonesMain2:25
  • 009Swinging BallroomMain2:21
  • 010Four Brothers' DancingMain2:05
  • 011Shuffle It SoftlyMain2:29
  • 012Velvet InformationMain2:18
  • 013ShufflelandMain2:11
  • 014Moon DancerMain2:05
  • 015Swing The DixieMain2:28
  • 016Madison AvenueMain2:07
  • 017Swing Along In DixielandMain2:19
  • 018Walking BootsMain2:22
  • 019A Little Bit Of ThatMain1:56
  • 020Mr. NoveltyMain2:24
  • 021Oh, Swinging RosyMain2:42
  • 022Honkey Tonkey DixieMain2:09
  • 023Go JollyMain2:31




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