It's Showtime

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It's Showtime HR2274

Concertante and rhythmic themes and openings, some in the style of musicals. Orchestra, big band for show, vaudeville.

Happy Records HR2274

  • 001Show TimeMain2:20
  • 002Musical-HouseMain2:05
  • 003Las Vegas GalaMain2:25
  • 004Show DancersMain3:04
  • 005Vorhang Auf!Main1:51
  • 006PremièreMain2:31
  • 007VariétéMain2:26
  • 008Exotic MysteryMain2:49
  • 009Hava Naguila HavaMain2:30
  • 010Broadway OpeningMain2:06
  • 011Revue GirlsMain2:25
  • 012Akrobat "Schööön"Main2:52
  • 013Tango FatalMain3:09
  • 014Sexy GirlMain2:51
  • 015Charleston RevueMain2:03
  • 016Circus AtmosphereMain2:27
  • 017Champagne WaltzMain2:05
  • 018OléMain2:22
  • 019Musical-HouseShort Version0:58
  • 020Las Vegas GalaShort Version0:33
  • 021Las Vegas GalaShort Version0:18
  • 022Vorhang Auf!Short Version0:53
  • 023Vorhang Auf!Short Version0:33
  • 024PremièreShort Version0:16
  • 025Broadway OpeningShort Version0:19
  • 026Broadway OpeningShort Version0:21
  • 027Circus AtmosphereShort Version0:26
  • 028Show Fanfare 1Main0:10
  • 029Show Fanfare 2Main0:10
  • 030Show Fanfare 3Main0:10
  • 031Show Fanfare 4Main0:07




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