Fred Forster Welcomes You

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Fred Forster Welcomes You HR2273

International melodies, delicate strings, understated rhythm, solo instruments.

Happy Records HR2273

  • 001Au Clair De La LuneMain2:25
  • 002NarcissusMain2:26
  • 003Londonderry AirMain2:29
  • 004Ay, Ay, AyMain2:18
  • 005Am Brunnen vor dem ToreMain2:48
  • 006Scarborough FairMain2:45
  • 007Souvenir De SuisseMain2:14
  • 008TanjaMain2:15
  • 009Solveigs LiedMain2:39
  • 010Sur Le Pont d'AvignonMain2:20
  • 011Bel AirMain2:18
  • 012Lady LoveMain1:51
  • 013Candelight RomanceMain2:14
  • 014DaisyMain2:09
  • 015Beautiful DreamerMain2:40
  • 016Southern PalmsMain2:43
  • 017Russian DreamMain2:53
  • 018AphroditeMain2:50
  • 019Touching WavesMain2:00
  • 020Sunshine Came Along With YouMain2:36
  • 021Fairy TalesMain2:17
  • 022BeautifulMain2:24
  • 023Farewell LouisianaMain2:10
  • 024Sayonara KyotoMain2:30




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