Mosaique 2

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Mosaique 2 HR2271

Groovy rock, modern sounds for presentations, fashion, sports.

Happy Records HR2271

  • 001Venturing SouthMain2:11
  • 002The ZipMain3:57
  • 003AirborneMain3:27
  • 004Black ContinentMain3:23
  • 005Crema CatalanaMain3:01
  • 006ParashootingMain3:40
  • 007Zanzibar WalkMain3:48
  • 008Da VinciMain3:06
  • 009Groove HouseMain3:06
  • 010DunesMain4:09
  • 011Shoulder ShakeMain3:22
  • 012Copa LatinaMain2:58
  • 013Key WestMain3:34
  • 014Cinema's CopeMain3:51
  • 015Baroque MosaiqueMain3:10
  • 016Primo PianoMain3:12
  • 017Fashion AffairsMain3:22
  • 018IcebergMain3:44
  • 019Hitch HikeMain3:06
  • 020Cinema's CopeSymphonic Version3:45
  • 021Parashootingwithout Drums3:40
  • 022Venturing SouthShort Version0:23
  • 023Venturing SouthShort Version0:13




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