Keyboard Affairs

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Keyboard Affairs HR2270

Piano and orchestra. Up-tempo. Melodious, romantic.

Happy Records HR2270

  • 001Keyboard AffairsMain2:14
  • 002Sunrise FeelingMain3:11
  • 003Tempo Do BrazilMain2:22
  • 004Impressione d'Main3:06
  • 005Sister JaneMain2:31
  • 006Snow FlowersMain2:59
  • 007U-Bahn BoogieMain2:13
  • 008Whispering WavesMain2:59
  • 009Sunday BreakfastMain2:15
  • 010Barocking PianoMain2:29
  • 011Trimm dich RagMain2:04
  • 012Piano StoryMain2:46
  • 013Flight To RioMain2:58
  • 014Song Of NatureMain2:41
  • 015Violet LadyMain3:22
  • 016Max In TownMain2:05
  • 017AirbusMain2:33
  • 018Sweet ParadiseMain3:37
  • 019Junior In ActionMain2:32
  • 020CappuccinoMain2:20
  • 021Very BusyMain2:35
  • 022Thursday NightMain2:31




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