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Spotlights HR2269

Funky rhythm, featuring E flat alto saxophone. Presentation, documentation.

Happy Records HR2269

  • 001SpotlightsMain2:23
  • 002Blue RosesMain3:03
  • 003NeuerscheinungMain2:29
  • 004The PelicanMain3:41
  • 005Satin LatinMain2:52
  • 006Der Boss vom BosporusMain3:34
  • 007Mon SoleilMain2:50
  • 008Solitaire AffairMain2:33
  • 009Magic MomentsMain2:42
  • 010Big AppleMain2:44
  • 011Elegy In PopMain3:30
  • 012QuellfrischMain2:11
  • 013Just For FunMain2:16
  • 014Runaway BayMain2:59
  • 015ThrillerMain2:49
  • 016Spary FunkerlMain3:24
  • 017Face To FaceMain2:24
  • 018Bright SundayMain2:48
  • 019BennydormMain3:26
  • 020Crazy NutsMain2:42
  • 021Racing TeamMain3:24
  • 022Like A Rocket In My PocketMain3:13
  • 023Funky DonkeyMain2:13
  • 024Cheeky BeetyMain3:26




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