Disco Groovin'

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Disco Groovin' HR2267

Disco, Funk, Pop.

Happy Records HR2267

  • 001SynchronityMain3:18
  • 002TurbolightsMain2:06
  • 003It's Just IllusionMain3:59
  • 004Disco Groovin'Main4:08
  • 005Leaving ParadiseMain3:47
  • 006Sound And LightingMain4:15
  • 007Hi-TecMain2:43
  • 008LaserdanceMain3:30
  • 009Shining EyesMain2:52
  • 010Digital DisplayMain3:30
  • 011Cool AtmosphereMain3:11
  • 012Video CornerMain2:53
  • 013Fog At MidnightMain3:24
  • 014Champagne For TwoMain3:18
  • 015Sound And LightingAlternate1:47
  • 016Fog At MidnightUnderscore3:22
  • 017Disco Groovin'Alternate4:08




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