Swing Festival

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Swing Festival HR2265

Big band, piano quartet, clarinet ensemble, sports, dance, entertainment.

Happy Records HR2265

  • 001Sport ReportMain2:10
  • 002Berlin FlairMain2:08
  • 003SmoothlyMain3:22
  • 004Washington Post SwingMain1:58
  • 005The King Likes SwingMain2:27
  • 006Boulevard Baden-BadenMain2:34
  • 007Swing PoliceMain2:39
  • 008Swing FestivalMain2:56
  • 009Swinging SchwabingMain2:18
  • 010Highschool CadetsMain2:28
  • 011Swinging AffairMain3:15
  • 012Snoopy's WalkMain2:58
  • 013Main-Hattan-SwingMain2:14
  • 014In The Garden Of My DreamsMain3:11
  • 015Midnight MoodMain2:48
  • 016Three Quarter TimeMain2:44
  • 017Once Upon A TimeMain2:26
  • 018Swing TonightMain2:07
  • 019Fleur d'amourMain2:32
  • 020A Little Bunch Of DaisiesMain2:20
  • 021Rolling OverMain2:07
  • 022Swing And SwayMain2:23




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