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Multimedia HR2264

From funk to baroque. Product presentations, openings.

Happy Records HR2264

  • 001FlashbackMain2:31
  • 002Rockin' MultimediaMain2:39
  • 003HazardMain3:42
  • 004Take CareMain2:27
  • 005Sky RiderMain4:15
  • 006Multimedia 2001Main5:00
  • 007Neon LightsMain3:08
  • 008Space FlightMain5:04
  • 009Risin' CurtainMain3:54
  • 010Rondo RoyalMain2:05
  • 011Easy CarriageMain2:05
  • 012Alpha CentauriMain6:15
  • 013NigeriaMain4:20
  • 014Clear Air TurbulenceMain2:57
  • 015Kick'em OutMain2:26
  • 016Speed RunnerMain2:16
  • 017OdysseyMain6:07
  • 018Fanfares Go RhythmMain3:04
  • 019Present FanfareShort Version, no Drums0:17
  • 020Present FanfareShort Version, with Drums0:28
  • 021Fanfare ImperialMain1:44
  • 022Multimedia 2001Short Version, Fanfare0:32
  • 023Odysseylong Fanfare1:08
  • 024Odysseyshort Fanfare0:18
  • 025Risin' Curtain (Opening)Main1:01
  • 026Rockin' MultimediaUnderscore1:28
  • 027Rockin' MultimediaShort Version0:07
  • 028Take CareUnderscore2:27




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