Sunny Holiday

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Sunny Holiday HR2262

From romantic to upbeat for holidays, travel, folklore.

Happy Records HR2262

  • 001StrandspieleMain2:50
  • 002Bahia AzulMain4:40
  • 003Morning WalkMain2:53
  • 004Sunny HolidayMain4:10
  • 005Cocktail TropicalMain4:02
  • 006Gondola d'AmoreMain3:45
  • 007Sundown FeelingMain2:44
  • 008Sandy BeachesMain3:38
  • 009Fiesta MalaguenaMain2:20
  • 010Unter weissen SegelnMain3:13
  • 011Bonne VacancesMain2:32
  • 012Happy SailingMain2:06
  • 013Le DésirMain2:05
  • 014Southern SerenadeMain4:11
  • 015FernwehMain2:19
  • 016GriechenbeislMain2:51
  • 017Summer Rain FantasyMain4:23
  • 018StrandträumeMain3:38
  • 019Mariage d'AmourMain2:19
  • 020In Sevillas GärtenMain3:10
  • 021Hora MexicanaMain2:52




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