Romantic Area

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Romantic Area HR2261

Grand string recordings for panorama, nature, romance.

Happy Records HR2261

  • 001Beautiful ValleyMain3:22
  • 002Idylle am SeeMain2:34
  • 003Erinnerungen an den SchwarzwaldMain2:51
  • 004Romantic AreaMain3:00
  • 005Park AvenueMain2:26
  • 006Nordland ImpressionMain3:38
  • 007Early In The MorningMain3:22
  • 008La SeineMain2:40
  • 009Lonely CityMain3:25
  • 010Holiday ReminiscenceMain3:20
  • 011Durch Wald und FlurMain3:12
  • 012Sunday MorningMain2:43
  • 013Mon BijouxMain2:01
  • 014Piano GalanteMain2:22
  • 015Twilight MagicMain2:42
  • 016Über Berg und TalMain2:34
  • 017DestinyMain2:38
  • 018Romantic VisionMain2:30
  • 019Whispering WavesMain2:59
  • 020Mon CherieMain2:17




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