Bravo! Werner Drexler

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Bravo! Werner Drexler HR2259

Anniversary sampler.

Happy Records HR2259

  • 001Las Vegas GalaMain2:25
  • 002Body ShapingMain2:55
  • 003Musica AntiquaMain2:55
  • 004Sport ReportMain2:10
  • 005NeuerscheinungMain2:29
  • 006Keyboard AffairsMain2:14
  • 007PoesieMain2:43
  • 008SpotlightsMain2:23
  • 009Beach GirlsMain2:43
  • 010Piano StoryMain2:46
  • 011Welcome SunshineMain2:17
  • 012Piano MemoriesMain2:21
  • 013Vieni Sul MarMain2:16
  • 014Piano Goes HappyMain2:11
  • 015World Cup FanfareMain2:09
  • 016Sands HotelMain2:38
  • 017Swing The DixieMain2:28
  • 018Dinner TimeMain2:15
  • 019It's RomanticMain2:11
  • 020Have A Good TimeMain2:15
  • 021Sur Le Pont d'AvignonMain2:20
  • 022NinioMain2:21
  • 023Träume voller ZärtlichkeitMain2:18
  • 024CheerioMain2:24
  • 025TippmamsellMain2:25




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