La Belle Epoque

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La Belle Epoque HR2258

Upbeat for holidays, travel, traffic.

Happy Records HR2258

  • 001Strada Del SolMain2:24
  • 002FerienparadiesMain2:42
  • 003Blue SunsetMain2:40
  • 004Schönes WetterMain3:10
  • 005Reise ExpressMain2:55
  • 006Camping im RegenMain2:59
  • 007Avec PlaisirMain3:16
  • 008TrauminselMain3:37
  • 009La Belle EpoqueMain2:21
  • 010Canzone RomanticaMain2:46
  • 011Rock- und HosenpartyMain3:17
  • 012Motorbike LoverMain3:56




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