Rock Heavy

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Rock Heavy HPM4374

Raw power rock riffs with stomps and claps for energy and attitude.

Hitpoint Music HPM4374

  • 001The PunisherMain2:41
  • 002The PunisherNo Keys2:41
  • 003The PunisherShort Edit1:40
  • 004The PunisherLong Sting0:14
  • 005The PunisherShort Sting0:07
  • 006Rise Up And UpMain3:01
  • 007Rise Up And UpInstrumental3:01
  • 008Rise Up And UpInstrumental No FX3:01
  • 009Rise Up And UpInstrumental No Bass3:01
  • 010Rise Up And UpLong Sting0:12
  • 011Rise Up And UpShort Sting0:07
  • 012Ready To RumbleMain3:16
  • 013Ready To RumbleNo Lead3:16
  • 014Ready To RumbleLong Sting0:10
  • 015Ready To RumbleShort Sting0:07
  • 016Stone CrusherMain3:13
  • 017Stone CrusherSting0:10
  • 018Gravel TrapMain3:25
  • 019Gravel TrapNo Lead3:24
  • 020Gravel TrapSting0:12
  • 021High PowerMain3:17
  • 022High PowerSting0:08
  • 023Rocky RoadMain2:44
  • 024Rocky RoadSting0:09
  • 025Trail BlazerMain2:46
  • 026Trail BlazerSting0:11
  • 027Heavy MachineryMain3:07
  • 028Heavy MachineryNo Lead3:07
  • 029Heavy MachineryLong Sting0:15
  • 030Heavy MachineryShort Sting0:07
  • 031Heavy MachineryShort Sting No Lead0:07
  • 032Haul TruckMain3:31
  • 033Haul TruckNo Organ3:31
  • 034Haul TruckNo Organ No Lead3:31
  • 035Haul TruckLong Sting0:11
  • 036Haul TruckShort Sting0:07




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