Crime Investigation 2

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Crime Investigation 2 HPM4373

Suspense and mystery abound in this selection of cues for investigation, analysis and research.

Hitpoint Music HPM4373

  • 001Turning TidesMain2:53
  • 002Turning TidesSparse2:53
  • 003Turning TidesSting0:11
  • 004Bread CrumbsMain2:47
  • 005Bread CrumbsPiano2:47
  • 006Bread CrumbsShort Edit0:35
  • 007Bread CrumbsSting0:10
  • 008The Full StoryMain2:47
  • 009The Full StorySparse2:47
  • 010The Full StoryShort Edit1:00
  • 011The Full StorySting0:14
  • 012Nightmare SituationMain2:53
  • 013Nightmare SituationNo Strings2:53
  • 014Nightmare SituationSting0:09
  • 015Dark ConclusionMain2:45
  • 016Dark ConclusionNo Perc2:45
  • 017Dark ConclusionSting0:12
  • 018Left AloneMain2:45
  • 019Left AloneSparse2:45
  • 020Left AloneShort Edit0:53
  • 021Left AloneSting0:14
  • 022No HopeMain2:51
  • 023No HopeShort Edit0:51
  • 024No HopeSting0:17
  • 025Seeking AnswersMain2:36
  • 026Seeking AnswersSparse2:36
  • 027Seeking AnswersPiano2:36
  • 028Seeking AnswersShort Edit0:34
  • 029Seeking AnswersSting0:12




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