Mid Tension

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Mid Tension HPM4372

Modern orchestral tension beds for scenes of crime, worry, panic and deep uncertainty.

Hitpoint Music HPM4372

  • 001Risk AvoidanceMain3:07
  • 002Risk AvoidanceNo Perc3:07
  • 003Risk AvoidanceSparse3:07
  • 004Risk AvoidanceShort Edit0:48
  • 005Risk AvoidanceSting0:11
  • 006Breaking ThroughMain3:21
  • 007Breaking ThroughNo Perc3:21
  • 008Breaking ThroughSparse3:21
  • 009Breaking ThroughShort Edit0:47
  • 010Breaking ThroughSting0:13
  • 011Waiting TimeMain3:34
  • 012Waiting TimeNo Perc3:34
  • 013Waiting TimeSparse3:34
  • 014Waiting TimeShort Edit0:39
  • 015Waiting TimeSting0:09
  • 016Drag Your FeetMain3:15
  • 017Drag Your FeetNo Perc3:15
  • 018Drag Your FeetSparse3:15
  • 019Drag Your FeetShort Edit0:47
  • 020Drag Your FeetSting0:15
  • 021Unknown SituationMain3:45
  • 022Unknown SituationNo Strings3:45
  • 023Unknown SituationSparse3:45
  • 024Unknown SituationShort Edit0:40
  • 025Unknown SituationSting0:15
  • 026Trust IssuesMain3:02
  • 027Trust IssuesNo Perc3:02
  • 028Trust IssuesSparse3:02
  • 029Trust IssuesShort Edit0:48
  • 030Trust IssuesSting0:19
  • 031Tough DecisionsMain3:16
  • 032Tough DecisionsSparse3:16
  • 033Tough DecisionsShort Edit0:57
  • 034Tough DecisionsSting0:09
  • 035Out Of TimeMain3:24
  • 036Out Of TimeNo Perc3:24
  • 037Out Of TimeStrings3:24
  • 038Out Of TimeSparse3:24
  • 039Out Of TimeShort Edit0:36
  • 040Out Of TimeSting0:12
  • 041Little RewardMain3:26
  • 042Little RewardNo Perc3:26
  • 043Little RewardSparse3:26
  • 044Little RewardShort Edit0:39
  • 045Little RewardSting0:15
  • 046Risking ItMain3:06
  • 047Risking ItNo Perc3:06
  • 048Risking ItSparse3:06
  • 049Risking ItShort Edit0:41
  • 050Risking ItSting0:16




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