Pastoral Elegance

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Pastoral Elegance HPM4370

Classy light orchestra with a pastoral outdoors vibe, for craft activity and antiques, whimsical and historical scenes.

Hitpoint Music HPM4370

  • 001Refining TastesMain2:55
  • 002Refining TastesNo Perc2:55
  • 003Refining TastesStrings2:55
  • 004Refining TastesShort Edit0:36
  • 005Refining TastesLong Sting0:15
  • 006Refining TastesShort Sting0:09
  • 007A DelightMain2:05
  • 008A DelightStrings2:05
  • 009A DelightShort Edit0:35
  • 010A DelightLong Sting0:13
  • 011A DelightShort Sting0:07
  • 012High HopesMain2:44
  • 013High HopesStrings2:44
  • 014High HopesShort Edit0:37
  • 015High HopesLong Sting0:16
  • 016High HopesShort Sting0:12
  • 017Seeing ValueMain2:38
  • 018Seeing ValueStrings2:38
  • 019Seeing ValueShort Edit0:41
  • 020Seeing ValueLong Sting0:17
  • 021Seeing ValueShort Sting0:09
  • 022Inside HistoryMain3:14
  • 023Inside HistoryStrings3:14
  • 024Inside HistoryShort Edit0:39
  • 025Inside HistoryLong Sting0:13
  • 026Inside HistoryShort Sting0:07
  • 027What A FindMain2:20
  • 028What A FindStrings2:20
  • 029What A FindShort Edit0:35
  • 030What A FindLong Sting0:13
  • 031What A FindShort Sting0:09
  • 032New DiscoveriesMain2:49
  • 033New DiscoveriesStrings2:49
  • 034New DiscoveriesShort Edit0:37
  • 035New DiscoveriesLong Sting0:20
  • 036New DiscoveriesShort Sting0:06
  • 037Fine DetailsMain3:05
  • 038Fine DetailsNo Perc3:05
  • 039Fine DetailsStrings3:05
  • 040Fine DetailsShort Edit0:36
  • 041Fine DetailsLong Sting0:20
  • 042Fine DetailsShort Sting0:09




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