Wacky Woodwind 2

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Wacky Woodwind 2 HPM4369

More dramedy cues featuring live recorded woodwinds for quirky comedy moments.

Hitpoint Music HPM4369

  • 001Matter Of TimeMain2:55
  • 002Matter Of TimeNo Drums2:55
  • 003Matter Of TimeNo Flutes Clarinets2:55
  • 004Matter Of TimeSting0:14
  • 005Funny ThingMain2:54
  • 006Funny ThingNo Drums2:54
  • 007Funny ThingNo Flutes Saxes2:54
  • 008Funny ThingSting0:08
  • 009Delicate BalanceMain2:38
  • 010Delicate BalanceNo Drums2:38
  • 011Delicate BalanceNo Flutes2:38
  • 012Delicate BalanceSting0:10
  • 013Ironic SituationsMain3:06
  • 014Ironic SituationsNo Drums3:06
  • 015Ironic SituationsNo Flutes Clarinets3:06
  • 016Ironic SituationsSting0:11
  • 017Watching The TimeMain2:39
  • 018Watching The TimeNo Drums2:39
  • 019Watching The TimeNo Flutes Clarinets2:39
  • 020Watching The TimeSting0:11
  • 021Waiting Your TurnMain2:53
  • 022Waiting Your TurnNo Drums2:53
  • 023Waiting Your TurnNo Flutes Clarinets2:53
  • 024Waiting Your TurnSting0:07
  • 025Under ConsiderationMain2:55
  • 026Under ConsiderationNo Drums2:55
  • 027Under ConsiderationLess Winds2:55
  • 028Under ConsiderationSting0:08
  • 029Tricky IssueMain2:37
  • 030Tricky IssueNo Drums2:37
  • 031Tricky IssueNo Flutes Clarinets2:37
  • 032Tricky IssueSting0:10
  • 033Polite PeopleMain3:04
  • 034Polite PeopleNo Drums3:04
  • 035Polite PeopleLess Winds3:04
  • 036Polite PeopleSting0:08
  • 037Slightly WickedMain2:49
  • 038Slightly WickedNo Drums2:49
  • 039Slightly WickedNo Flutes Clarinets2:49
  • 040Slightly WickedSting0:09




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