Funk Masters

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Funk Masters HPM4367

Classic authentic funk band with vintage brass and groovy rhythms.

Hitpoint Music HPM4367

  • 001Right TimeMain2:59
  • 002Right TimeNo Horns2:59
  • 003Right TimeNo Horms Guitar2:59
  • 004Right TimeSting0:05
  • 005ClavfestMain2:54
  • 006ClavfestNo Solo2:54
  • 007ClavfestNo Horns2:54
  • 008ClavfestSting0:09
  • 009Pull It DownMain2:57
  • 010Pull It DownNo Solo2:57
  • 011Pull It DownNo Horns2:57
  • 012Pull It DownNo Horns Organ2:57
  • 013Pull It DownSting0:14
  • 014Shower Of FlourMain2:41
  • 015Shower Of FlourNo Solo2:41
  • 016Shower Of FlourNo Horns2:41
  • 017Shower Of FlourNo Horns Organ2:41
  • 018Shower Of FlourSting0:16
  • 019Stinking PoochMain2:43
  • 020Stinking PoochNo Horns2:43
  • 021Stinking PoochNo Horns Organ2:43
  • 022Stinking Pooch60sec0:59
  • 023Stinking PoochSting0:09
  • 024Skin TightMain2:48
  • 025Skin TightNo Horns2:48
  • 026Skin TightSting0:13
  • 027Dirty HabitMain2:47
  • 028Dirty HabitNo Horns2:47
  • 029Dirty HabitSting0:13
  • 030Walking The WalkMain2:28
  • 031Walking The WalkNo Solo2:28
  • 032Walking The WalkNo Horns2:28
  • 033Walking The WalkSting0:10
  • 034Inner VisionMain3:04
  • 035Inner VisionNo Solo3:04
  • 036Inner VisionNo Horns3:04
  • 037Inner VisionSting0:12
  • 038Who CaresMain2:36
  • 039Who CaresNo Horns2:36
  • 040Who CaresSting0:12




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