Acoustic Stories

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Acoustic Stories HPM4366

Timeless and classic thoughtful acoustic folk songs with male vocals.

Hitpoint Music HPM4366

  • 001HideoutMain3:29
  • 002HideoutWith Vocal3:29
  • 003HideoutShort Edit1:22
  • 004HideoutSting0:13
  • 005No One ListensMain5:00
  • 006No One ListensWith Vocal5:00
  • 007No One ListensShort Edit0:50
  • 008No One ListensSting0:10
  • 009Looking For The Rising SunMain4:04
  • 010Looking For The Rising SunWith Vocal4:04
  • 011Looking For The Rising SunShort Edit1:00
  • 012Looking For The Rising SunSting0:22
  • 013Wide Was The SkyMain4:12
  • 014Wide Was The SkyWith Vocal4:12
  • 015Wide Was The SkyShort Edit1:22
  • 016Wide Was The SkySting0:09
  • 017Walls Of SanityMain4:39
  • 018Walls Of SanityWith Vocal4:39
  • 019Walls Of SanityShort Edit0:39
  • 020Walls Of SanitySting0:14
  • 021Summer RoseMain3:17
  • 022Summer RoseWith Vocal3:17
  • 023Summer RoseShort Edit2:04
  • 024Summer RoseSting0:18
  • 025Safe As HomeMain3:53
  • 026Safe As HomeWith Vocal3:53
  • 027Safe As HomeShort Edit0:53
  • 028Safe As HomeSting0:16
  • 029Letting Me GoMain4:09
  • 030Letting Me GoWith Vocal4:09
  • 031Letting Me GoShort Edit0:57
  • 032Letting Me GoSting0:13
  • 033Shield My FlameMain3:21
  • 034Shield My FlameWith Vocal3:21
  • 035Shield My FlameShort Edit0:46
  • 036Shield My FlameSting0:11
  • 037Angry EyesMain3:17
  • 038Angry EyesWith Vocal3:17
  • 039Angry EyesShort Edit2:02
  • 040Angry EyesSting0:15




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