Classical Favourites 2

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Classical Favourites 2 HPM4364

Excerpts from classical music for fantasy, dreamy and romantic scenes.

Hitpoint Music HPM4364

  • 001Carnival AquariumMain2:57
  • 002Carnival AquariumShort0:46
  • 003Carnival AquariumSting0:12
  • 004Nutcracker Waltz Of The FlowersMain2:49
  • 005Nutcracker Waltz Of The FlowersShort1:11
  • 006Nutcracker Waltz Of The FlowersSting0:08
  • 007Swan Lake ThemeMain2:58
  • 008Swan Lake ThemeShort1:39
  • 009Swan Lake ThemeSting0:15
  • 010Danse Macabre Saint SaensMain2:58
  • 011Danse Macabre Saint SaensShort0:35
  • 012Danse Macabre Saint SaensSting0:07
  • 013The Sorcerers ApprenticeMain0:45
  • 014The Sorcerers Apprentice60sec1:00
  • 015The Sorcerers Apprentice30sec0:30
  • 016The Sorcerers ApprenticeSting0:05
  • 017Blue DanubeMain2:48
  • 018Blue DanubeShort1:01
  • 019Blue DanubeSting0:14
  • 020Violin HabaneraMain3:04
  • 021Violin HabaneraShort0:44
  • 022Violin HabaneraSting0:10
  • 023Morning Peer GyntMain2:53
  • 024Morning Peer GyntShort1:06
  • 025Morning Peer GyntSting0:13
  • 026Mozart Clarinet RondoMain2:56
  • 027Mozart Clarinet RondoShort0:27
  • 028Mozart Clarinet RondoSting0:05
  • 029Pavane FaureMain2:10
  • 030Pavane FaureSting0:15
  • 031Andante Mozart Piano ConcertoMain3:08
  • 032Andante Mozart Piano ConcertoShort1:39
  • 033Andante Mozart Piano ConcertoSting0:17
  • 034In The Hall Of The Mountain KingMain2:46
  • 035In The Hall Of The Mountain KingShort0:55
  • 036In The Hall Of The Mountain King60sec1:00
  • 037In The Hall Of The Mountain King30sec0:30
  • 038In The Hall Of The Mountain KingSting0:07
  • 039Horn Gymnopedie OneMain1:51




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