Classical Favourites

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Classical Favourites HPM4363

Excerpts from classical music for formal, regal, historical and aspirational scenes.

Hitpoint Music HPM4363

  • 001Four Seasons SpringMain3:11
  • 002Four Seasons SpringShort0:34
  • 003Four Seasons SpringSting0:08
  • 004Allegro Trumpet ConcertoMain2:55
  • 005Allegro Trumpet ConcertoShort0:48
  • 006Allegro Trumpet Concerto30sec0:30
  • 007Allegro Trumpet ConcertoSting0:09
  • 008Minuetto BoccheriniMain3:22
  • 009Minuetto BoccheriniShort1:10
  • 010Minuetto BoccheriniSting0:09
  • 011Ode To Joy String QuartetMain3:33
  • 012Ode To Joy String QuartetShort0:57
  • 013Ode To Joy String QuartetSting0:12
  • 014Stanley Trumpet VoluntaryMain3:13
  • 015Stanley Trumpet VoluntaryShort0:56
  • 016Stanley Trumpet VoluntarySting0:10
  • 017Air On The G StringsMain3:03
  • 018Air On The G StringsShort1:34
  • 019Air On The G StringsSting0:13
  • 020Cello Suite BachMain3:00
  • 021Badinerie BachMain2:50
  • 022Badinerie BachShort0:36
  • 023Badinerie BachSting0:08
  • 024Purcell Trumpet TuneMain3:00
  • 025Purcell Trumpet TuneShort1:15
  • 026Purcell Trumpet TuneSting0:14
  • 027Hornpipe Water MusicMain3:06
  • 028Hornpipe Water MusicShort1:04
  • 029Hornpipe Water MusicSting0:08
  • 030Harp Ave MariaMain3:37




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