Spring Break 2

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Spring Break 2 HPM4362

More riotous kids teen summer party tunes across pop punk and indie styles.

Hitpoint Music HPM4362

  • 001House PartyMain2:22
  • 002House PartyNo Lead2:22
  • 003House PartyLooped Bed3:10
  • 004House PartySting Long0:12
  • 005House PartySting Short0:08
  • 006Festival SeasonMain3:00
  • 007Festival SeasonNo Vox3:00
  • 008Festival SeasonLooped Bed2:54
  • 009Festival SeasonSting0:10
  • 010Just ChillingMain2:28
  • 011Just ChillingNo Lead2:28
  • 012Just ChillingLooped Bed2:48
  • 013Just ChillingSting0:10
  • 014Going WildMain2:28
  • 015Going WildNo Lead2:28
  • 016Going WildLooped Bed2:50
  • 017Going WildSting0:01
  • 018Balloon RideMain2:50
  • 019Balloon RideNo Lead2:50
  • 020Balloon RideLooped Bed3:16
  • 021Balloon RideSting0:08
  • 022SunnyMain2:15
  • 023SunnyNo Lead2:15
  • 024SunnyLooped Bed3:58
  • 025SunnySting0:07
  • 026Hot Tub PeopleMain2:52
  • 027Hot Tub PeopleNo Vox2:52
  • 028Hot Tub PeopleLooped Bed3:04
  • 029Hot Tub PeopleSting0:08
  • 030Sad BoysMain2:16
  • 031Sad BoysNo Lead2:16
  • 032Sad BoysLooped Bed2:28
  • 033Sad BoysSting0:08




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