Arthouse Jazz

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Arthouse Jazz HPM4360

Sophisticated 1960s New York jazz evoking fine art galleries, glamour and culture, gambling and heists.

Hitpoint Music HPM4360

  • 001Intimate StrangersMain2:46
  • 002Intimate StrangersSparse2:46
  • 003Intimate StrangersSting0:07
  • 004The Noble ArtMain2:24
  • 005The Noble ArtSting0:06
  • 006Perfect CrimeMain3:11
  • 007Perfect CrimeNo Melody3:11
  • 008Perfect CrimeSparse3:11
  • 009Perfect CrimeSting0:20
  • 010Steal AwayMain2:43
  • 011Steal AwayNo Melody2:43
  • 012Steal AwayNo Piano2:43
  • 013Steal AwaySting0:11
  • 014Smoke StackMain3:15
  • 015Smoke StackNo Congas3:15
  • 016Smoke StackSting0:05
  • 017Our Man In ParisMain3:07
  • 018Our Man In ParisNo Rhodes3:07
  • 019Our Man In ParisSting0:05
  • 020Night WhispersMain3:08
  • 021Night WhispersNo Crackle3:08
  • 022Night WhispersSting0:09
  • 023Half NoteMain2:55
  • 024Half NoteLess Drums2:55
  • 025Half NoteSting0:07
  • 026Open SesameMain3:30
  • 027Open SesameNo Strings3:44
  • 028Open SesameSting0:10
  • 029Time UpMain2:58
  • 030Time UpSting0:07




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