Electro Smooth

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Electro Smooth HPM4359

Late night vintage radio vibes across a range of pop styles.

Hitpoint Music HPM4359

  • 001Dancing On CloudsMain3:01
  • 002Dancing On CloudsNo Lead3:01
  • 003Dancing On CloudsSparse3:01
  • 004Dancing On CloudsSting0:09
  • 005Electric NightMain2:56
  • 006Electric NightNo Guitar Solo2:56
  • 007Electric NightNo Guitars2:56
  • 008Electric NightSting0:08
  • 009Digital DreamsMain3:00
  • 010Digital DreamsSparse3:00
  • 011Digital DreamsSting0:11
  • 012MidnightMain2:54
  • 013MidnightNo Guitars2:54
  • 014MidnightSting0:10
  • 015Summer HolidaysMain2:57
  • 016Summer HolidaysLess Drums2:57
  • 017Summer HolidaysNo Synth Lead2:57
  • 018Summer HolidaysSting0:09
  • 019Energetic FunkMain2:50
  • 020Energetic FunkNo Guitar Solo2:50
  • 021Energetic FunkSting0:08
  • 022Take Me BackMain3:31
  • 023Take Me BackNo Drums3:31
  • 024Take Me BackSparse3:31
  • 025Take Me BackSting0:11
  • 026Groove TrainMain2:57
  • 027Groove TrainSparse2:57
  • 028Groove TrainSting0:07




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