Emotive Trailer Builds

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Emotive Trailer Builds HPM4358

Rousing anthems for epic emotional journeys and combative sports.

Hitpoint Music HPM4358

  • 001Every OpportunityMain2:47
  • 002Every OpportunityNo Intro1:37
  • 003Every OpportunityOrchestra Sequencer2:47
  • 004Every OpportunityStrings Sequencer2:47
  • 005Every OpportunitySting0:13
  • 006Victory EffortMain2:45
  • 007Victory EffortNo Intro1:24
  • 008Victory EffortNo Drums Guitar2:45
  • 009Victory EffortStrings Sequencer2:45
  • 010Victory EffortSting0:17
  • 011Mighty ChampionMain2:35
  • 012Mighty ChampionNo Intro1:07
  • 013Mighty ChampionNo Drums Guitar2:35
  • 014Mighty ChampionSparse2:35
  • 015Wanting To WinMain2:31
  • 016Wanting To WinNo Intro1:33
  • 017Wanting To WinNo Drums2:31
  • 018Wanting To WinNo Strings2:31
  • 019Wanting To WinSparse2:31
  • 020Great BelieverMain2:48
  • 021Great BelieverNo Drums2:48
  • 022Great BelieverOrchestra2:48
  • 023Great BelieverStrings Piano2:48
  • 024Firm FoundationMain2:40
  • 025Firm FoundationNo Intro0:58
  • 026Firm FoundationNo Drums2:40
  • 027Firm FoundationGuitar Strings2:40
  • 028Firm FoundationSparse2:40
  • 029Firm FoundationSting0:09
  • 030Shine BrightMain2:37
  • 031Shine BrightNo Intro1:25
  • 032Shine BrightNo Drums Guitars2:37
  • 033Shine BrightStrings Piano Glock2:37
  • 034Shine BrightSparse Drums2:37
  • 035Shine BrightSparse2:37
  • 036Shine BrightSting0:15
  • 037Character BuildingMain2:45
  • 038Character BuildingNo Intro1:25
  • 039Character BuildingNo Drums Guitars2:45
  • 040Character BuildingStrings Piano2:45
  • 041Character BuildingSparse2:45




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