Hit The Road

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Hit The Road HPM4352

Start your engines! Rock guitars inspiring motor racing sports and road trips.

Hitpoint Music HPM4352

  • 001PressureMain2:55
  • 002PressureNo Lead2:55
  • 003PressureLong Sting0:21
  • 004PressureShort Sting0:11
  • 005CatacombMain3:10
  • 006CatacombNo Lead3:10
  • 007CatacombLong Sting0:38
  • 008CatacombShort Sting0:16
  • 009Mercury SunMain2:56
  • 010Mercury SunNo Lead2:56
  • 011Mercury SunNo Electric Guitars2:56
  • 012Mercury SunSting0:15
  • 013Suncream SeasonMain2:08
  • 014Suncream SeasonLong Sting0:12
  • 015Suncream SeasonShort Sting0:04
  • 016Competitive NatureMain2:41
  • 017Competitive NatureShort Intro2:32
  • 018Competitive NatureLong Sting0:10
  • 019Competitive NatureShort Sting0:03
  • 020Lets Go SurfingMain2:33
  • 021Lets Go SurfingNo Vox2:33
  • 022Lets Go SurfingLong Sting0:15
  • 023Lets Go SurfingShort Sting0:06
  • 024Take The BendsMain2:54
  • 025Take The BendsNo Lead2:54
  • 026Take The BendsSting0:23
  • 027High Octane CruiserMain3:09
  • 028High Octane CruiserNo Lead3:09
  • 029High Octane CruiserSting0:19
  • 030Backseat DriverMain3:04
  • 031Backseat DriverNo Top Line3:04
  • 032Backseat DriverSting0:10
  • 033Funky MotorsMain3:25
  • 034Funky MotorsNo Top Line3:25
  • 035Funky MotorsSting0:17
  • 036TarmacMain2:56
  • 037TarmacNo Top Line2:56
  • 038TarmacLong Sting0:16
  • 039TarmacShort Sting0:08
  • 040Road KillMain2:42
  • 041Road KillNo Top Line2:42
  • 042Road KillSting0:07




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