Latin Lounge

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Latin Lounge HPM4350

South America and Central America flavours for scenes of sophistication, luxury and sun.

Hitpoint Music HPM4350

  • 001Bacardi BeachMain2:17
  • 002Bacardi BeachSparse2:17
  • 003Bacardi BeachSting0:08
  • 004Better The DevilMain2:26
  • 005Better The DevilSparse2:26
  • 006Better The DevilSting0:08
  • 007Sangria By The SeaMain2:05
  • 008Sangria By The SeaSparse2:05
  • 009Sangria By The SeaSting0:07
  • 010Latina LolitaMain2:22
  • 011Latina LolitaSparse2:22
  • 012Latina LolitaLong Sting0:09
  • 013Latina LolitaShort Sting0:07
  • 014Cuban FuryMain2:28
  • 015Cuban FuryNo Top Line2:28
  • 016Cuban FuryLess Piano2:28
  • 017Cuban FuryNo Perc2:28
  • 018Cuban FuryEnd Section0:42
  • 019Cuban FurySting0:14
  • 020Cuban HeelsMain3:00
  • 021Cuban HeelsNo Trumpet3:00
  • 022Cuban HeelsNo Organ3:00
  • 023Cuban HeelsNo Perc3:00
  • 024Cuban HeelsSting0:09
  • 025Ahead Of The GameMain1:56
  • 026Ahead Of The GameNo Lead1:56
  • 027Ahead Of The GameNo Perc1:56
  • 028Ahead Of The GameSting0:08
  • 029Seriously SuaveMain2:15
  • 030Seriously SuaveNo Lead2:15
  • 031Seriously SuaveNo Perc2:15
  • 032Seriously SuaveSting0:07
  • 033Bling FilthMain2:05
  • 034Bling FilthNo Lead2:05
  • 035Bling FilthNo Perc2:05
  • 036Bling FilthSting0:07
  • 037Rio SambaMain1:55
  • 038Rio SambaSparse1:55
  • 039Rio SambaLong Sting0:09
  • 040Rio SambaShort Sting0:06
  • 041Beach NomadMain2:18
  • 042Beach NomadSparse2:18
  • 043Beach NomadSting0:07
  • 044Ocean BlueMain2:04
  • 045Ocean BlueSparse2:04
  • 046Ocean BlueSting0:07
  • 047Middle GroundMain2:28
  • 048Middle GroundSparse2:28
  • 049Middle GroundSting0:12




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