House Of Curiosities 2

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House Of Curiosities 2 HPM4349

Light pizzicato cues with modern orchestral flourishes for comedy awkward and silly moments.

Hitpoint Music HPM4349

  • 001Who Is ThatMain2:35
  • 002Who Is ThatSparse2:35
  • 003Who Is ThatLong Sting0:14
  • 004Who Is ThatShort Sting0:09
  • 005Here We GoMain2:45
  • 006Here We GoNo Perc2:45
  • 007Here We GoStrings2:45
  • 008Here We GoSting0:12
  • 009Funny BusinessMain2:28
  • 010Funny BusinessNo Perc2:28
  • 011Funny BusinessSting0:08
  • 012Family QuirksMain2:55
  • 013Family QuirksNo Perc2:55
  • 014Family QuirksSting0:11
  • 015Eye RollingMain2:55
  • 016Eye RollingNo Perc2:55
  • 017Eye RollingSting0:12
  • 018Not So CarefulMain2:44
  • 019Not So CarefulNo Perc2:44
  • 020Not So CarefulStrings2:44
  • 021Not So CarefulSting0:10
  • 022Silly PeopleMain2:33
  • 023Silly PeopleNo Vox2:33
  • 024Silly PeopleSting0:08
  • 025Nosy NeighboursMain2:35
  • 026Nosy NeighboursNo Perc2:35
  • 027Nosy NeighboursSting0:11
  • 028Wait A MinuteMain2:44
  • 029Wait A MinuteNo Perc2:44
  • 030Wait A MinuteSting0:12
  • 031Sounds FishyMain2:41
  • 032Sounds FishyNo Perc2:41
  • 033Sounds FishySting0:13




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