Percussive Textures

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Percussive Textures HPM4344

Live recorded percussion featuring marimba and vibraphone creating rich deep textures for documentaries and drama.

Hitpoint Music HPM4344

  • 001Glimmer Of HopeMain2:20
  • 002Glimmer Of HopeSting0:30
  • 003Hang FireMain2:36
  • 004Hang FireSting0:10
  • 005Question MarkMain2:21
  • 006Question MarkSparse2:21
  • 007Question MarkSting0:09
  • 008Question MarkSting Sparse0:09
  • 009Monkey PuzzleMain2:21
  • 010Monkey PuzzleSting 10:12
  • 011Monkey PuzzleSting 20:12
  • 012Catch The LightMain1:58
  • 013Catch The LightSting0:08
  • 014Profound MomentMain3:31
  • 015Profound MomentSting0:22
  • 016Naturally CuriousMain2:13
  • 017Naturally CuriousSting0:12
  • 018Waiting GameMain2:35
  • 019Waiting GameSting0:12
  • 020Latent PowerMain2:49
  • 021Latent PowerNo Bass2:49
  • 022Latent PowerSparse2:49
  • 023Latent PowerSting0:15




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