Reality Songbook 2

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Reality Songbook 2 HPM4338

Contemporary songs with vocals across a range of genres and lyric subjects

Hitpoint Music HPM4338

  • 001Girls Do It BestMain2:53
  • 002Girls Do It BestChorus Vox2:53
  • 003Girls Do It BestNo BVs2:53
  • 004Girls Do It BestBVs2:53
  • 005Girls Do It BestInstrumental2:53
  • 006Girls Do It BestLooped Bed3:25
  • 007Girls Do It BestLooped Bed BVs3:25
  • 008Girls Do It BestLooped Bed No BVs3:25
  • 009Girls Do It BestLooped Bed Instrumental3:25
  • 010Girls Do It BestSting0:13
  • 011Girls Do It BestSting No Vox0:13
  • 012Girls Do It BestAlt Full Mix2:53
  • 013Girls Do It BestAlt Chorus Vox2:53
  • 014Girls Do It BestAlt No BVs2:53
  • 015Girls Do It BestAlt BVs2:53
  • 016Girls Do It BestAlt Looped Bed3:25
  • 017Girls Do It BestAlt Looped Bed BVs3:25
  • 018Girls Do It BestAlt Looped Bed No BVs3:25
  • 019Girls Do It BestAlt Sting0:13
  • 020CrazyMain2:53
  • 021CrazyBVs2:51
  • 022CrazyInstrumental2:51
  • 023CrazyLooped Bed3:21
  • 024CrazyLooped Bed BVs3:21
  • 025CrazyLooped Bed Instrumental3:21
  • 026CrazySting0:21
  • 027CrazySting No Vox0:21
  • 028CrazyAlt Full Mix2:53
  • 029CrazyAlt Looped Bed3:19
  • 030CrazyAlt Sting0:19
  • 031Cash Money SwagMain2:38
  • 032Cash Money SwagBVs2:38
  • 033Cash Money SwagInstrumental2:38
  • 034Cash Money SwagNo Vox Drums2:38
  • 035Cash Money SwagNo Vox Synth Lead Pad2:38
  • 036Cash Money SwagLong Sting0:22
  • 037Cash Money SwagLong Sting No Vox0:22
  • 038Cash Money SwagShort Sting0:15
  • 039Cash Money SwagShort Sting No Vox0:15
  • 040Cash Money SwagSting 2 No Vox0:18
  • 041Talk About ItMain2:22
  • 042Talk About ItInstrumental2:22
  • 043Talk About ItNo Vox No Drums2:22
  • 044Talk About ItNo Vox Synth Lead2:22
  • 045Talk About ItLong Sting0:24
  • 046Talk About ItLong Sting No Vox0:24
  • 047Talk About ItShort Sting0:17
  • 048Talk About ItShort Sting No Vox0:17
  • 049Talk About ItLong Sting 20:15
  • 050Talk About ItLong Sting 2 No Vox0:15
  • 051Talk About ItShort Sting 20:08
  • 052Talk About ItShort Sting 2 No Vox0:08
  • 053No More HidingMain3:14
  • 054No More HidingChorus Vox3:14
  • 055No More HidingBVs3:14
  • 056No More HidingInstrumental3:14
  • 057No More HidingSting0:15
  • 058No More HidingSting No Vox0:15
  • 059No More HidingSting Vox Strings0:15
  • 060No More HidingSting Vox0:15
  • 061Moon WalkingMain2:42
  • 062Moon WalkingNo Lead Vox2:42
  • 063Moon WalkingInstrumental2:42
  • 064Moon WalkingLong Sting0:27
  • 065Moon WalkingLong Sting No Lead0:27
  • 066Moon WalkingLong Sting No Vox0:27
  • 067Moon WalkingShort Sting0:11
  • 068Moon WalkingShort Sting No Lead0:11
  • 069Moon WalkingShort Sting No Vox0:11
  • 070Let It OutMain3:04
  • 071Let It OutChorus Vox3:04
  • 072Let It OutNo BVs3:04
  • 073Let It OutInstrumental3:04
  • 074Let It OutLooped Bed3:06
  • 075Let It OutLooped Bed Instrumental3:06
  • 076Let It OutSting0:12
  • 077Let It OutSting No Vox0:12
  • 078Let It OutAlt Full Mix3:04
  • 079HypnotisedMain2:27
  • 080HypnotisedBVs2:27
  • 081HypnotisedInstrumental2:27
  • 082HypnotisedNo Vox Drums2:27
  • 083HypnotisedSparse2:27
  • 084HypnotisedLong Sting 10:17
  • 085HypnotisedLong Sting 1 No Vox0:17
  • 086HypnotisedShort Sting 10:11
  • 087HypnotisedShort Sting 1 No Vox0:11
  • 088HypnotisedLong Sting 20:16
  • 089HypnotisedShort Sting 20:11
  • 090HypnotisedLong Sting 30:16
  • 091HypnotisedShort Sting 30:11
  • 092Smile On My FaceMain2:13
  • 093Smile On My FaceChorus Vox2:22
  • 094Smile On My FaceNo Vox2:22
  • 095Smile On My FaceLong Sting0:10
  • 096Smile On My FaceShort Sting0:05
  • 097Smile On My FaceAlt Full Mix2:13
  • 098Smile On My FaceAlt Chorus Vox2:13
  • 099Smile On My FaceAlt BVs2:13
  • 100Smile On My FaceAlt No Vox2:13
  • 101Smile On My FaceAlt Sting0:18
  • 102Smile On My FaceAlt Sting Less Vox0:18
  • 103Smile On My FaceAlt Sting No Vox0:18
  • 104Heart BeatsMain1:50
  • 105Heart BeatsNo Vox1:50
  • 106Heart BeatsExtended2:58
  • 107Heart BeatsExtended No Vox2:58
  • 108Heart BeatsLooped Bed4:14
  • 109Heart BeatsLooped Bed No Vox4:14
  • 110Heart BeatsSting0:27
  • 111Heart BeatsSting Alt Vox0:27
  • 112Heart BeatsSting No Vox0:27




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