Spring Break

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Spring Break HPM4336

Riotous kids teen summer party tunes across rock punk reggae indie styles

Hitpoint Music HPM4336

  • 001Party TimeMain2:32
  • 002Party TimeNo Lead2:32
  • 003Party TimeLoop Bed2:41
  • 004Party TimeSting0:05
  • 005Party TimeSting No Lead0:05
  • 006Summer In IbizaMain2:57
  • 007Summer In IbizaNo Lead2:57
  • 008Summer In IbizaNo Vocal2:57
  • 009Summer In IbizaSparse2:57
  • 010Summer In IbizaLoop Bed2:57
  • 011Summer In IbizaSting0:07
  • 012Punk AssMain2:20
  • 013Punk AssNo Lead2:20
  • 014Punk AssNo Vocal2:20
  • 015Punk AssSparse2:20
  • 016Punk AssLoop Bed3:12
  • 017Punk AssSting0:06
  • 018Live The SunshineMain2:45
  • 019Live The SunshineNo Lead2:45
  • 020Live The SunshineSparse2:45
  • 021Live The SunshineLoop Bed2:55
  • 022Live The SunshineSting0:14
  • 023Live The SunshineSting No Lead0:14
  • 024Break DudeMain2:23
  • 025Break DudeNo Lead2:23
  • 026Break DudeSparse2:23
  • 027Break DudeLoop Bed2:48
  • 028Break DudeSting0:06
  • 029Rocking ReggaeMain2:49
  • 030Rocking ReggaeNo Lead2:49
  • 031Rocking ReggaeSparse2:49
  • 032Rocking ReggaeLoop Bed3:04
  • 033Rocking ReggaeSting0:10
  • 034Bad Break UpMain2:22
  • 035Bad Break UpNo Lead2:22
  • 036Bad Break UpNo Strings2:22
  • 037Bad Break UpSparse2:22
  • 038Bad Break UpLoop Bed2:44
  • 039Bad Break UpSting0:09
  • 040September SunsetMain2:45
  • 041September SunsetNo Lead2:45
  • 042September SunsetSparse2:45
  • 043September SunsetStraight In2:00
  • 044September SunsetLoop Bed2:53
  • 045September SunsetSting0:15




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