Hip Hop Beds

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Hip Hop Beds HPM4330

Broad variety of hip hop styles for upbeat youthful brands and reality formats

Hitpoint Music HPM4330

  • 001Blue PrintMain3:53
  • 002Blue PrintNo Lead3:53
  • 003Blue PrintSparse3:53
  • 004Blue PrintSting0:25
  • 005Funked BassMain2:44
  • 006Funked BassNo Lead2:44
  • 007Funked BassNo Vox2:44
  • 008Funked BassSparse2:44
  • 009Funked BassSparse No Vox2:44
  • 010Funked BassSting0:13
  • 011Funked BassSting No Vox0:13
  • 012Infamous ChillMain3:22
  • 013Infamous ChillNo Lead3:22
  • 014Infamous ChillSparse3:22
  • 015Infamous ChillSting0:21
  • 016Happy PianoMain2:36
  • 017Happy PianoNo Brass2:36
  • 018Happy PianoNo Vox2:36
  • 019Happy PianoNo Brass Vox2:36
  • 020Happy PianoSparse2:36
  • 021Happy PianoSparse No Vox2:36
  • 022Happy PianoSting0:15
  • 023Happy PianoSting No Vox0:15
  • 024Mono TypicalMain3:15
  • 025Mono TypicalNo Lead3:15
  • 026Mono TypicalNo Vox3:15
  • 027Mono TypicalNo Lead Vox3:15
  • 028Mono TypicalSparse3:15
  • 029Mono TypicalSparse No Vox3:15
  • 030Mono TypicalSting0:18
  • 031Mono TypicalSting No Vox0:18
  • 032Chill HopMain3:11
  • 033Chill HopNo Lead3:11
  • 034Chill HopSparse3:11
  • 035Chill HopSting0:18
  • 036Divine PowerMain3:06
  • 037Divine PowerNo Lead3:06
  • 038Divine PowerSparse3:06
  • 039Divine PowerSting0:21
  • 040Breaking DownMain3:29
  • 041Breaking DownNo Lead3:29
  • 042Breaking DownSting0:19
  • 043Funky BoldMain2:44
  • 044Funky BoldSparse2:44
  • 045Funky BoldSting0:13
  • 046Late DepartureMain3:28
  • 047Late DepartureNo Lead3:28
  • 048Late DepartureSparse3:28
  • 049Late DepartureSting0:14




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