Pop Songs 2

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Pop Songs 2 HPM4328

Catchy modern pop songs with vibrant lead vocals

Hitpoint Music HPM4328

  • 001SatellitesMain3:04
  • 002SatellitesNo Lead Vox3:04
  • 003SatellitesInstrumental3:04
  • 004Promise TonightMain2:34
  • 005Promise TonightNo Rap2:34
  • 006Promise TonightNo Lead Vox2:34
  • 007Promise TonightInstrumental2:34
  • 008Home Sweet HomeMain2:55
  • 009Home Sweet HomeNo Lead Vox2:55
  • 010Home Sweet HomeInstrumental2:55
  • 011Who I Would BeMain2:20
  • 012Who I Would BeNo Lead Vox2:20
  • 013Who I Would BeInstrumental2:20
  • 014Who I Would BeInstrumental Less Guitar2:20
  • 015Who We AreMain2:27
  • 016Who We AreInstrumental2:27
  • 017Who We AreInstrumental Short1:47
  • 018SomeoneMain2:27
  • 019SomeoneLess Drums2:27
  • 020SomeoneNo Lead Vox2:27
  • 021SomeoneNo Lead Vox Less Drums2:27
  • 022SomeoneInstrumental2:27
  • 023SomeoneInstrumental Less Drums2:27




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