The World United

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The World United HPM4325

Joyous and carefree orchestra with world music flavours evoking travel and adventure

Hitpoint Music HPM4325

  • 001Beacon Of LightMain2:22
  • 002Beacon Of LightNo Perc2:22
  • 003Beacon Of LightNo Strings2:22
  • 004Beacon Of LightSting0:12
  • 005My PlanetMain2:10
  • 006My PlanetNo Perc2:10
  • 007My PlanetNo Strings2:10
  • 008My PlanetSting0:12
  • 009Ocean ViewsMain2:06
  • 010Ocean ViewsNo Melody2:06
  • 011Ocean ViewsNo Perc2:06
  • 012Ocean ViewsNo Strings2:06
  • 013Ocean ViewsSting0:12
  • 014Voyage Of DiscoveryMain2:06
  • 015Voyage Of DiscoveryNo Flute Melody2:06
  • 016Voyage Of DiscoveryNo Perc2:06
  • 017Voyage Of DiscoveryNo Strings2:06
  • 018Voyage Of DiscoverySting0:13
  • 019Our JourneyMain2:21
  • 020Our JourneyNo Perc2:21
  • 021Our JourneyNo Strings2:21
  • 022Our JourneySting0:12
  • 023Across The WorldMain1:53
  • 024Across The WorldNo Perc1:53
  • 025Across The WorldNo Strings1:53
  • 026Across The WorldSting0:10
  • 027One PeopleMain1:56
  • 028One PeopleNo Perc1:56
  • 029One PeopleNo Strings1:56
  • 030One PeopleSting0:10
  • 031Life Around UsMain2:27
  • 032Life Around UsNo Perc2:27
  • 033Life Around UsNo Strings2:27
  • 034Life Around UsSting0:14
  • 035TogethernessMain1:56
  • 036TogethernessNo Perc1:56
  • 037TogethernessNo Strings1:56
  • 038TogethernessSting0:09
  • 039UnityMain1:58
  • 040UnityNo Perc1:58
  • 041UnityNo Strings1:58
  • 042UnitySting0:09




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