Bubbling Beds

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Bubbling Beds HPM4324

Light warm flowing beds with a sense of progress.

Hitpoint Music HPM4324

  • 001RevitaliseMain2:33
  • 002RevitaliseNo Perc2:33
  • 003RevitaliseLong Sting0:11
  • 004RevitaliseShort Sting0:06
  • 005Fine TuningMain2:21
  • 006Fine TuningLong Sting0:16
  • 007Fine TuningShort Sting0:10
  • 008Positive QuestionsMain2:13
  • 009Positive QuestionsNo Perc2:13
  • 010Positive QuestionsLong Sting0:16
  • 011Positive QuestionsShort Sting0:10
  • 012Natural GrowthMain2:29
  • 013Natural GrowthNo Perc2:29
  • 014Natural GrowthLong Sting0:16
  • 015Natural GrowthShort Sting0:12
  • 016Small GainsMain2:22
  • 017Small GainsNo Perc2:22
  • 018Small GainsLong Sting0:15
  • 019Small GainsShort Sting0:10
  • 020Making ProgressMain2:20
  • 021Making ProgressNo Perc2:20
  • 022Making ProgressLong Sting0:15
  • 023Making ProgressShort Sting0:11
  • 024Finding The IdeaMain2:13
  • 025Finding The IdeaNo Perc2:13
  • 026Finding The IdeaLong Sting0:16
  • 027Finding The IdeaShort Sting0:12
  • 028Practical AdviceMain2:17
  • 029Practical AdviceLong Sting0:15
  • 030Practical AdviceShort Sting0:10
  • 031Begin The TaskMain2:18
  • 032Begin The TaskNo Perc2:18
  • 033Begin The TaskLong Sting0:14
  • 034Begin The TaskShort Sting0:10
  • 035Changing PerspectiveMain2:10
  • 036Changing PerspectiveNo Perc2:10
  • 037Changing PerspectiveNo Synths2:10
  • 038Changing PerspectiveLong Sting0:16
  • 039Changing PerspectiveShort Sting0:12




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