Historic Folk

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Historic Folk HPM4321

Acoustic folk with a sense of history and olden times

Hitpoint Music HPM4321

  • 001True NostalgiaMain2:03
  • 002True NostalgiaSolo Rubato2:11
  • 003True NostalgiaLong Sting0:20
  • 004True NostalgiaShort Sting0:14
  • 005Forbidden PromiseMain2:30
  • 006Dancing MastersMain2:17
  • 007Dancing MastersSparse2:18
  • 008Dancing MastersSting0:09
  • 009Distant MemoriesMain3:18
  • 010Distant MemoriesNo Drums3:18
  • 011Distant MemoriesNo Drums Pads3:18
  • 012Distant MemoriesSting0:23
  • 013Distant MemoriesSting No Pads0:23
  • 014New EnglandMain2:31
  • 015New EnglandSparse2:31
  • 016New EnglandSting0:14
  • 017Mountain MistMain2:06
  • 018Mountain MistSting0:15
  • 019Behind The EyesMain2:22
  • 020Common AncestorMain2:46
  • 021Common AncestorStrings2:46
  • 022Dorian DanceMain2:16
  • 023Dorian DanceSting0:13
  • 024Golden SunriseMain2:04
  • 025Golden SunriseSting0:10
  • 026There Was JoyMain1:46
  • 027There Was JoyNo Flute1:46
  • 028There Was JoySting0:13
  • 029Tennessee TurnpikeMain1:58
  • 030Tennessee TurnpikeSting0:12
  • 031Rye FieldMain1:45
  • 032Rye FieldLong Sting0:17
  • 033Rye FieldShort Sting0:10
  • 034Packington DirgeMain2:35
  • 035Packington DirgeNo Perc2:35
  • 036Searching The PastMain2:48
  • 037Searching The PastNo Perc2:48
  • 038Appalacian TrailMain1:16
  • 039Appalacian TrailSting0:08
  • 040Morning LightMain1:57
  • 041Morning LightSting0:06
  • 042Dulcimer DanceMain1:31
  • 043Dulcimer DanceSting0:07
  • 044Pages Of TimeMain2:48
  • 045Pages Of TimeNo Perc2:48




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