Making And Mending

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Making And Mending HPM4314

Busy organic light modern orchestral textures evoking activity

Hitpoint Music HPM4314

  • 001Bakers DozenMain2:25
  • 002Bakers DozenNo Perc2:25
  • 003Bakers DozenStrings2:25
  • 004SynergyMain1:57
  • 005SynergySparse1:55
  • 006Calming LandscapesMain1:55
  • 007Calming LandscapesSparse1:40
  • 008Walk In The ParkMain2:39
  • 009Walk In The ParkSparse2:39
  • 010Spring Is HereMain1:42
  • 011Spring Is HereLess Perc1:42
  • 012Reflections On WaterMain2:16
  • 013Reflections On WaterNo Oboe2:15
  • 014Calm ImaginationMain2:24
  • 015Calm ImaginationNo Perc2:24
  • 016Calm ImaginationNo Solos2:24
  • 017Autumn GoldMain1:47
  • 018Easy TimesMain1:52
  • 019Easy TimesSparse1:52
  • 020Outdoor DelightMain1:50
  • 021Outdoor DelightBed2:50
  • 022Small DetailsMain2:28
  • 023Small DetailsStrings2:28
  • 024Yes ChefMain1:49
  • 025Yes ChefNo Perc1:49
  • 026Yes ChefNo Strings1:49
  • 027Cherry BlossomMain2:03
  • 028Cherry BlossomSparse2:03
  • 029Cherry BlossomMarimba2:03
  • 030On The RiseMain1:49
  • 031On The RiseBed2:50
  • 032Culinary QuirksMain2:12
  • 033Culinary QuirksNo Perc2:12
  • 034Culinary QuirksStrings2:12




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