Light Tension Beds

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Light Tension Beds HPM4313

Suspenseful modern orchestral underscore beds

Hitpoint Music HPM4313

  • 001Difficult OpportunityMain2:28
  • 002Difficult OpportunityNo Beat2:28
  • 003Lingering DoubtsMain2:32
  • 004Lingering DoubtsNo Beat2:32
  • 005Agreement PendingMain2:46
  • 006Agreement PendingNo Beat2:46
  • 007Choices For LifeMain2:38
  • 008Choices For LifeNo Beat2:38
  • 009Situation UnknownMain2:29
  • 010Situation UnknownNo Beat2:29
  • 011Recent RegretsMain2:32
  • 012Recent RegretsNo Beat2:32
  • 013Right Or WrongMain2:38
  • 014Right Or WrongNo Beat2:38
  • 015No NonsenseMain2:41
  • 016No NonsenseNo Beat2:41
  • 017Over ThinkingMain2:16
  • 018Over ThinkingNo Beat2:16
  • 019Logical TimeMain2:38
  • 020Logical TimeNo Beat2:38




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