Synth Pop

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Synth Pop HPM4311

Modern synth pop with driving beats and summer vibes

Hitpoint Music HPM4311

  • 001CashmereMain2:57
  • 002CashmereNo Vox2:57
  • 003CashmereBed3:22
  • 004CashmereSting0:12
  • 005Summers GoneMain2:20
  • 006Summers GoneNo Vox2:20
  • 007Summers GoneBed3:05
  • 008Summers GoneSting0:06
  • 009Get EnoughMain2:29
  • 010Get EnoughNo Vox2:29
  • 011Get EnoughBed3:03
  • 012Get EnoughSting0:10
  • 013Pump It UpMain2:41
  • 014Pump It UpNo Vox2:41
  • 015Pump It UpBed3:09
  • 016Pump It UpSting 10:09
  • 017Pump It UpSting 20:09
  • 018Fonky FeelingMain2:44
  • 019Fonky FeelingNo Vox2:44
  • 020Fonky FeelingBed3:26
  • 021Fonky FeelingSting0:12
  • 022First KissMain2:51
  • 023First KissNo Vox2:51
  • 024First KissBed3:12
  • 025First KissSting0:15
  • 026Another DayMain2:41
  • 027Another DayNo Vox2:41
  • 028Another DayBed3:16
  • 029Another DaySting0:12
  • 030Early BloomerMain2:22
  • 031Early BloomerNo Vox2:22
  • 032Early BloomerBed3:16
  • 033Early BloomerSting0:14




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