Advert Positives

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Advert Positives HPM4310

Bright organic beds with a sense of forward progress, including commercial length edits

Hitpoint Music HPM4310

  • 001Simpler TimeMain2:33
  • 002Simpler Time60sec1:00
  • 003Simpler Time30sec0:30
  • 004Walking TallMain1:57
  • 005Walking Tall60sec1:00
  • 006Walking Tall30sec0:30
  • 007Full Of BeansMain2:42
  • 008Full Of BeansNo Melody2:42
  • 009Full Of BeansNo Perc2:42
  • 010Full Of Beans60sec1:00
  • 011Full Of Beans60sec No Melody1:00
  • 012Full Of Beans60sec No Perc1:00
  • 013Full Of Beans30sec0:30
  • 014Full Of Beans30sec No Melody0:30
  • 015Full Of Beans30sec No Perc0:30
  • 016New EnterpriseMain3:15
  • 017New EnterpriseNo Melody3:15
  • 018New EnterpriseNo Perc3:15
  • 019New Enterprise60sec1:00
  • 020New Enterprise60sec No Melody1:00
  • 021New Enterprise60sec No Perc1:00
  • 022New Enterprise30sec0:29
  • 023New Enterprise30sec No Melody0:29
  • 024New Enterprise30sec No Perc0:29
  • 025Family FavouriteMain2:57
  • 026Family FavouriteNo Melody2:57
  • 027Family FavouriteNo Perc2:57
  • 028Family Favourite60sec1:00
  • 029Family Favourite60sec No Melody0:59
  • 030Family Favourite60sec No Perc0:59
  • 031Family Favourite30sec0:30
  • 032Family Favourite30sec No Melody0:29
  • 033Family Favourite30sec No Perc0:29
  • 034Close KnitMain2:42
  • 035Close Knit60sec1:00
  • 036Close Knit30sec0:30
  • 037Make It HappenMain2:19
  • 038Make It Happen60sec0:59
  • 039Make It Happen30sec0:30
  • 040On A JourneyMain2:38
  • 041On A Journey60sec1:00
  • 042On A Journey30sec0:30
  • 043The Day Is TodayMain2:26
  • 044The Day Is TodayNo Whistle2:26
  • 045The Day Is Today60sec1:00
  • 046The Day Is Today60sec No Whistle1:00
  • 047The Day Is Today30sec0:30
  • 048The Day Is Today30sec No Whistle0:30
  • 049Business As UsualMain2:52
  • 050Business As Usual60sec1:00
  • 051Business As Usual30sec0:30
  • 052Moonlight WonderMain3:08
  • 053Moonlight Wonder60sec1:00
  • 054Moonlight Wonder30sec0:30
  • 055Moonlight Wonder30sec No Drums0:30
  • 056Wednesday FunMain2:36
  • 057Wednesday Fun60sec1:00
  • 058Wednesday Fun30sec0:30
  • 059Friday SunMain2:32
  • 060Friday Sun60sec1:00
  • 061Friday Sun30sec0:30




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