World Beats

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World Beats HPM4307

Party energy strong beats with world music flavours setting the scene for international locations and globe trotting

Hitpoint Music HPM4307

  • 001Ibiza KingsMain1:50
  • 002Ibiza KingsShort Edit0:48
  • 003Ibiza KingsSting0:06
  • 004Ibiza KingsEthnic Bed2:15
  • 005Ibiza KingsBed1:53
  • 006JollywoodMain1:51
  • 007JollywoodShort Edit0:39
  • 008JollywoodSting Long0:10
  • 009JollywoodSting Short0:08
  • 010JollywoodEthnic Bed2:02
  • 011JollywoodBed2:14
  • 012Arabian NightsMain1:52
  • 013Arabian NightsShort Edit0:29
  • 014Arabian NightsSting Long0:09
  • 015Arabian NightsSting Short0:09
  • 016Arabian NightsEthnic Bed1:55
  • 017Arabian NightsBed1:56
  • 018Tunisia Two StepMain2:13
  • 019Tunisia Two StepShort Edit0:37
  • 020Tunisia Two StepSting0:09
  • 021Tunisia Two StepEthnic Bed2:37
  • 022Tunisia Two StepBed1:50
  • 023African DanceMain1:39
  • 024African DanceShort Edit0:41
  • 025African DanceSting0:06
  • 026African DanceEthnic Bed1:56
  • 027African DanceBed1:46
  • 028Brazilian CarnivalMain1:46
  • 029Brazilian CarnivalShort Edit0:42
  • 030Brazilian CarnivalSting0:10
  • 031Brazilian CarnivalEthnic Bed1:51
  • 032Brazilian CarnivalBed2:06
  • 033Magic CarpetMain1:40
  • 034Magic CarpetShort Edit0:37
  • 035Magic CarpetSting Long0:10
  • 036Magic CarpetSting Short0:06
  • 037Magic CarpetEthnic Bed2:00
  • 038Magic CarpetBed1:41
  • 039Russian PartyMain1:56
  • 040Russian PartyShort Edit0:29
  • 041Russian PartySting0:09
  • 042Russian PartyEthnic Bed1:55
  • 043Island In The SunMain1:48
  • 044Island In The SunShort Edit0:42
  • 045Island In The SunSting 10:10
  • 046Island In The SunSting 20:09
  • 047Island In The SunEthnic Bed1:45
  • 048Island In The SunBed2:04




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