Piano Classics

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Piano Classics HPM4305

Famous and timeless classical piano works, including commercial length edits

Hitpoint Music HPM4305

  • 001Ave MariaMain3:07
  • 002Ave Maria60sec1:00
  • 003Ave Maria30sec0:30
  • 004Gymnopedie OneMain3:44
  • 005Gymnopedie One60sec1:00
  • 006Gymnopedie One30sec0:30
  • 007Gymnopedie OneSteinway3:42
  • 008Gymnopedie OneSteinway 60sec1:00
  • 009Gymnopedie OneSteinway 30sec0:30
  • 010Raindrop PreludeMain2:02
  • 011Raindrop Prelude60sec1:00
  • 012Raindrop Prelude30sec0:30
  • 013Pathetique SonataMain4:34
  • 014Pathetique Sonata60sec1:00
  • 015Pathetique Sonata30sec0:30
  • 016Paganini RhapsodyMain1:59
  • 017Paganini Rhapsody60sec1:00
  • 018Paganini Rhapsody30sec0:30
  • 019Clair De LuneMain2:33
  • 020Clair De Lune60sec1:00
  • 021Clair De Lune30sec0:30
  • 022Moonlight Sonata PianoMain3:29
  • 023Moonlight Sonata Piano60sec1:00
  • 024Moonlight Sonata Piano30sec0:30
  • 025Fur Elise PianoMain3:24
  • 026Fur Elise Piano60sec1:00
  • 027Fur Elise Piano30sec0:30
  • 028Rondo Alla TurcaMain1:37
  • 029Rondo Alla Turca60sec1:00
  • 030Rondo Alla Turca30sec0:30
  • 031Nocturne TwoMain4:00
  • 032Nocturne Two60sec1:00
  • 033Nocturne Two30sec0:30
  • 034Nocturne TwoPerformance3:59
  • 035The EntertainerMain1:33
  • 036The Entertainer60sec1:00
  • 037The Entertainer30sec0:30
  • 038The EntertainerSteinway1:33
  • 039The EntertainerSteinway 60sec1:00
  • 040The EntertainerSteinway 30sec0:30




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