Advert Rocks

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Advert Rocks HPM4304

Hard hitting expansive rock with vocal infusions, including commercial length edits

Hitpoint Music HPM4304

  • 001Rocky TrailsMain1:36
  • 002Rocky TrailsNo Vox1:36
  • 003Rocky Trails60sec1:00
  • 004Rocky Trails60sec No Vox1:00
  • 005Rocky Trails30sec0:30
  • 006Rocky Trails30sec No Vox0:30
  • 007Rocky TrailsBed3:00
  • 008Rocky TrailsBed No Vox3:00
  • 009Rocky TrailsSting0:08
  • 010Rocky TrailsSting No Vox0:08
  • 011Free WheelingMain3:18
  • 012Free WheelingNo Vox3:18
  • 013Free Wheeling60sec1:00
  • 014Free Wheeling60sec No Vox1:00
  • 015Free Wheeling30sec0:30
  • 016Free Wheeling30sec No Vox0:30
  • 017Free WheelingSting0:05
  • 018Free WheelingSting No Vox0:05
  • 019No SubstituteMain3:13
  • 020No Substitute60sec1:00
  • 021No Substitute30sec0:30
  • 022No SubstituteSting0:04
  • 023Freaking OutMain3:13
  • 024Freaking OutNo Vox3:12
  • 025Freaking Out60sec1:00
  • 026Freaking Out60sec No Vox1:00
  • 027Freaking Out30sec0:30
  • 028Freaking Out30sec No Vox0:30
  • 029Freaking OutSting0:05
  • 030Freaking OutSting No Vox0:05
  • 031Wheels Of FireMain3:03
  • 032Wheels Of Fire60sec1:00
  • 033Wheels Of Fire30sec0:30
  • 034Wheels Of FireSting0:03
  • 035Something ElseMain3:14
  • 036Something ElseNo Vox3:14
  • 037Something Else60sec1:00
  • 038Something Else60sec No Vox1:00
  • 039Something Else30sec0:30
  • 040Something Else30sec No Vox0:30
  • 041Something ElseSting0:04
  • 042Something ElseSting No Vox0:04
  • 043Forever ChangesMain3:15
  • 044Forever Changes60sec1:00
  • 045Forever Changes30sec0:30
  • 046Forever ChangesSting0:06
  • 047White LightMain2:59
  • 048White Light60sec1:00
  • 049White Light30sec0:30
  • 050White LightSting0:03




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