Fresh Start

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Fresh Start HPM4303

Uplifting modern orchestra with acoustics for new beginnings, summer scenes and vibrant activity

Hitpoint Music HPM4303

  • 001Family DaysMain1:54
  • 002Family DaysNo Melody1:54
  • 003Family DaysNo Perc1:54
  • 004Spring MomentsMain1:41
  • 005Spring MomentsNo Melody1:41
  • 006Spring MomentsNo Perc1:41
  • 007Simple IdeasMain1:45
  • 008Simple IdeasNo Perc1:45
  • 009Simple IdeasStrings1:45
  • 010Warm WondersMain1:55
  • 011Warm WondersNo Melody1:55
  • 012Warm WondersNo Perc1:55
  • 013Warm WondersAcoustics1:55
  • 014One Step At A TimeMain1:57
  • 015One Step At A TimeNo Melody1:57
  • 016One Step At A TimeNo Perc1:57
  • 017Taking TimeMain1:50
  • 018Taking TimeNo Melody1:50
  • 019Taking TimeNo Perc1:50
  • 020Great BeliefMain2:08
  • 021Great BeliefNo Melody2:08
  • 022Great BeliefNo Perc2:08
  • 023Good NatureMain2:09
  • 024Good NatureNo Melody2:09
  • 025Good NatureNo Perc2:09
  • 026More Time For MeMain1:53
  • 027More Time For MeNo Strings1:53
  • 028Holding TogetherMain2:20
  • 029Holding TogetherNo Perc2:20
  • 030Holding TogetherStrings2:20




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