Dystopian Textures

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Dystopian Textures HPM4302

Modern orchestral and electronic beds for post apocalyptic tension

Hitpoint Music HPM4302

  • 001Nowhere Left To HideMain2:55
  • 002Nowhere Left To HideNo Perc2:55
  • 003Possible ExtinctionMain3:00
  • 004Possible ExtinctionNo Piano3:00
  • 005Toxic UndergrowthMain2:56
  • 006Toxic UndergrowthNo Perc2:56
  • 007Scorched EarthMain2:36
  • 008Scorched EarthNo Bass Pulse2:36
  • 009VengeanceMain2:26
  • 010VengeanceNo Strings2:26
  • 011Ravaged DeceptionMain2:45
  • 012Ravaged DeceptionNo Perc2:45
  • 013Ravaged DeceptionNo Strings2:45
  • 014WraithMain2:24
  • 015WraithNo Perc2:24
  • 016Blood In The SoilMain2:17
  • 017Blood In The SoilNo Perc2:17
  • 018Human DesertMain2:57
  • 019Human DesertNo Orchestra2:57
  • 020Human DesertNo Perc2:57
  • 021Desolate HabitatMain2:44
  • 022Desolate HabitatNo Strings2:44




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