Victorian Scandal

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Victorian Scandal HPM4300

Drama and mystery in a Victorian setting

Hitpoint Music HPM4300

  • 001Finding The CluesMain1:43
  • 002Finding The CluesSparse1:43
  • 003Finding The CluesLooped Bed3:06
  • 004Compelling EvidenceMain1:43
  • 005Compelling EvidenceLooped Bed 13:06
  • 006Compelling EvidenceLooped Bed 23:10
  • 007Compelling EvidenceLong Sting0:11
  • 008Compelling EvidenceShort Sting0:07
  • 009The Clock TicksMain1:31
  • 010The Clock TicksNo Solo Violin1:31
  • 011The Clock TicksLooped Bed2:59
  • 012The Clock TicksSting0:06
  • 013Detective SkillsMain1:46
  • 014Detective SkillsNo Typewriter1:46
  • 015Detective SkillsLooped Bed3:07
  • 016Eaves DroppingMain1:37
  • 017Eaves DroppingNo Leads1:37
  • 018Eaves DroppingLong Sting0:10
  • 019Eaves DroppingShort Sting0:05
  • 020ScandalousMain1:36
  • 021ScandalousLong Sting0:15
  • 022ScandalousShort Sting0:08
  • 023DiscreditedMain1:57
  • 024DiscreditedNo Solo Violin1:57
  • 025Salacious RumoursMain1:40
  • 026Salacious RumoursLooped Bed2:52
  • 027Royal DisapprovalMain2:12
  • 028Royal DisapprovalNo Solos2:12
  • 029Royal DisapprovalShort Edit0:40
  • 030Uncertain DestinyMain1:49
  • 031Bouncing BootsMain2:05
  • 032Bouncing BootsNo Solos2:05
  • 033Bouncing BootsLooped Bed 12:48
  • 034Bouncing BootsLooped Bed 22:38
  • 035Unusual TangoMain1:43
  • 036Unusual TangoLooped Bed3:09
  • 037Unusual TangoSting0:08




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