Challenge Show

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Challenge Show HPM4296

Modern orchestral high tension challenge show scoring kit

Hitpoint Music HPM4296

  • 001Challenge Bookend OneMain1:07
  • 002Challenge Bookend TwoMain1:05
  • 003Challenge Bed OneMain1:39
  • 004Challenge Bed TwoMain1:40
  • 005Challenge Bed ThreeMain1:37
  • 006Challenge Sparse Bed OneMain1:45
  • 007Challenge Sparse Bed TwoMain1:52
  • 008Challenge Bubble OneMain1:43
  • 009Challenge Bubble TwoMain1:33
  • 010Challenge Bubble ThreeMain1:53
  • 011Challenge Bubble FourMain1:46
  • 012Challenge Atmosphere OneMain1:52
  • 013Challenge Atmosphere TwoMain1:51
  • 014Challenge Punch OneMain0:07
  • 015Challenge Punch TwoMain0:06
  • 016Challenge Punch ThreeMain0:07




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