Dramedy Brass

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Dramedy Brass HPM4294

Classic dramedy with live brass section for quirky comic moments and more thoughtful scenes

Hitpoint Music HPM4294

  • 001Accidentally On PurposeMain2:24
  • 002Accidentally On PurposeShort Edit0:22
  • 003Accidentally On PurposeSting0:05
  • 004Big DecisionMain1:32
  • 005Hidden SecretMain1:38
  • 006Hidden SecretShort Edit0:24
  • 007Urgent CallMain2:15
  • 008Wayward JourneyMain2:21
  • 009Wayward JourneyShort Edit0:25
  • 010NostalgiaMain2:15
  • 011Dinner DateMain1:27
  • 012Dinner DateShort Edit0:24
  • 013Dinner DateSting0:06
  • 014Medical MarvelMain2:30
  • 015SerendipityMain1:34
  • 016SerendipityShort Edit0:23
  • 017Guiding LightMain1:50
  • 018Sloe GinMain2:00




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