Scenic Strings

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Scenic Strings HPM4293

Broad landscapes evoked by lush rich sweeping strings

Hitpoint Music HPM4293

  • 001Life JourneyMain2:06
  • 002Life JourneyNo End Cymbal2:06
  • 003Life JourneyNo Perc2:06
  • 004Life JourneyStrings2:06
  • 005Life JourneyStraight In1:16
  • 006A New WorldMain1:45
  • 007A New WorldNo Solo Violin1:45
  • 008A New WorldNo Perc1:45
  • 009A New WorldStrings1:45
  • 010A New WorldSparse1:45
  • 011Change For GoodMain1:51
  • 012Change For GoodNo Melody1:51
  • 013Change For GoodNo Perc1:51
  • 014Change For GoodStrings1:51
  • 015Those We LoveMain1:37
  • 016Those We LoveStrings1:37
  • 017Those We LoveSparse1:37
  • 018Perfect NostalgiaMain2:24
  • 019Perfect NostalgiaStrings2:24
  • 020Perfect NostalgiaSparse2:24
  • 021Strong FoundationsMain2:06
  • 022Strong FoundationsNo Melody2:06
  • 023Strong FoundationsNo Perc2:06
  • 024Strong FoundationsStrings2:06
  • 025In AweMain1:58
  • 026In AweNo Mallets1:58
  • 027In AweStrings1:58
  • 028Golden AgeMain2:12
  • 029Golden AgeNo Perc2:12
  • 030Golden AgeStrings2:12
  • 031Golden AgeSparse2:12
  • 032A Space BeyondMain1:52
  • 033A Space BeyondNo Perc1:52
  • 034A Space BeyondStrings1:52
  • 035This Is The DayMain2:11
  • 036This Is The DayNo Melody2:11
  • 037This Is The DayNo Perc2:11
  • 038This Is The DayNo Strings2:11




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